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Rather than making an inappropriate double-jointed effort to pat ourselves on the back, here are a few examples of what clients and associates have said about what it is like to work with us. Our potential value to you is better defined by those whose trust we have earned vs. what we might say about ourselves.  Why? Services marketing is at its core about understanding needs, making informed decisions and then acting effectively to build ongoing trust in the service promise.  Because our work is generally strategic and confidential, we protect the identities of each person and firm quoted below.

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"The senior management team and I relied on Bob to provide me with up to the minute analysis and intelligence on critical competitive issues in our firm's industry--Bob's strength is he brought issues to us before we even knew about them. Always ahead of the curve."
Managing Director, Fortune 500 insurance company

"Many people have strong quantitative and analytical skills. Many others have amazing interpersonal and organizational intelligence. What amazes me about Bob is that he is one of the very few who are stellar on both dimensions. The combination is very powerful. In particular, Bob's strengths make him an excellent and realistic strategist and a natural leader."
Partner, venture capital firm

"Bob is an extremely dedicated and detail oriented manager. He is customer service focused and always delivers on his commitments. In my role as Chief Diversity Officer, I worked closely with Bob as we attempted to increase the diversity of our customers and agents. Bob conducted research that enabled us to gain a clear perspective of what the insurance market had to offer from a diversity standpoint. He was able to provide detailed analyses by geographic territory that pointed to opportunities that fit [our] appetite. He proactively provided additional data and analysis that he thought would be useful -- and it always was. Lastly, he has great collaboration skills that lead you to naturally seek his advice and counsel."
SVP, Human Resources, Fortune 500 insurance company

"Working with Bob is a true pleasure - he brings intelligently formed insight and perpetual curiosity to every project on which I had the pleasure of working with him."
VP, marketing strategies agency
"Bob has an uncanny ability to identify and draw out people's strengths and talents. His enthusiasm is infectious and his intellect motivational. I was continually impressed with his ability to lead and motivate with passion and good humor. He always kept focused on the 'big picture' while tackling and mastering the details."
Director, Business Operations, $20M/year nonprofit organization

"Bob is an excellent resource with a vast array of knowledge and a great work ethic. Bob would always assist in researching topics and sharing his time and knowledge in getting answers and information to support projects and business cases. As a customer, I could always count on Bob to deliver a comprehensive and quality product that hit the mark. Bob is a collaborative, hard-working, knowledgeable team member that I would jump at the chance to work with again."
Industry Principal, leading business software provider

"I've always been impressed with Bob's creativity, enthusiasm and ability to get things done. Hire Bob and you'll get 125% - or more!"
Director of Marketing & Communications, international nonprofit

"Bob is detail oriented, highly resourceful and effective in finding answers to challenging market / industry questions."
Corporate Development Associate, Fortune 500 insurer

"Bob met every challenge head on. He managed opposing points of view and brought people who did not necessarily want to agree to a consensus. He brought creative and interesting ideas to the table, and presided with wisdom and humor. Bob was also always open to another opinion, and would treat new ideas as valuable options. A bright, caring, and compassionate leader, he knows how to run organizations large and small, and knows how to get people to do the right thing."
Senior Producer, cable television network

"It was a pleasure working with Bob. His leadership and commitment were of the highest caliber.  He was highly effective in addressing -- and overcoming -- challenges. I would strongly endorse him as a valuable contributor to any organization."
Business Development Exec, global accounting consulting firm

"Bob is a people person, not at some favorable time of day, like after he's had his coffee, but at all times and places. He can be relied on to keep his word, he puts people together, he injects himself in situations that need resolution, he has a way of defusing difficult situations, of coming up with imaginative solutions, of understanding where people are coming from and not distorting their views for his own ends. And he does it all with a sense of humor, a reliable joy for living, that only the wise possess."
Senior Editor, regional monthly magazine

"Bob is a great team builder and leader. He is effective and goal-oriented, but extremely modest and level-headed. He is a trusted colleague who is capable of inspiring others to exceed their original expectations and a loyal and generous friend."
SVP, real estate investment trust

"Based on my many experiences in working with Bob, I can recommend him for any position that requires dealing with people and helping them make connections to one another. He is naturally intuitive; his open, casual and friendly manner makes people of all ages want to open up to him. He is an attentive and sympathetic listener. Bob is very ethical and has shown extreme dedication to community, putting others' needs in front of his own. I have also been impressed by his ability to compose thoughtful speeches in a short amount of time."
Editorial Director - Publishing at worldwide entertainment company

"Bob accepts all challenges with thoroughness and grace. He is amazing at juggling diverse responsibilities, deadlines and people - always with a wonderful sense of humor. Bob understands deadlines, accountability and getting things done."
Director of Legislative Services, government agency

"Bob is a creative, high energy, and dedicated professional. I worked with Bob on several key sales initiatives. Bob gave useful and specific advice to me."
Division Head, information system services

"Bob is a highly intelligent, witty, and insightful professional. His ideas were always on target and his questions always challenged me to reconsider my opinions and conclusions."
HR Manager, B2B information services company
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