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We are a new firm in 2008 -- with a track record of recognized excellence dating back more than 30 years in the fields of organizational communication and marketing strategy.  Our particular focus is on the services sectors -- because the marketing of service promises that are generally intangible at the time of purchase is qualitatively different from the marketing of tangible products. 

Our start-up firm's clients already include Fortune 500 insurance and financial services firms operating both nationally and globally, privately-held businesses in the US and overseas, as well as nonprofits in the social services, legal services and cultural sectors.

Why do executives in such a disparate variety of service organizations reach out to us?

They trust us, because our professional counsel is based both on solid analytical research and on our ability to provide and elicit insightful (often non-linear) creative thinking. 

They need us, because our absolute candor includes a commitment to telling senior executive clients what they need to hear vs. what other folks may think they want to hear.

At the root of our work is active listening -- the creation of environments in which our clients' constituents feel empowered to be candid, creative, consultative and constructive.

Strategic counsel about -- and from -- your current and potential (and maybe even former) customers, clients, distribution channel partners and competitors

Robert M. Adler

Strategic Marketing Advisory Services LLC

(908) 672-0738

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